Cute Puppy Video: Going Downstairs

Cute Puppy Video

My little dog, Romeo, was born and raised in Florida.  Because it was so flat in Florida, he never had to deal with steps.

That is, he never dealt with steps until we took him on a visit to my cousin’s house in North Carolina.  Most of the activity was on the second level of the house.  Our room was on the first level.

After bringing in our luggage, our little guy did very well negotiating the 15 steps up to the second level.

Later we were ready to go downstairs.  That was a completely different situation for the little guy.

I remember when I first had to go down those steps.  They were a little scary for me at first.  I had to hold onto a rail.

I can imagine what it was like for Romeo, looking down that long flight of steps.  The steps were hard wood and had no carpet.

After many attempts, he finally was able to negotiate the steps, pretty much by sliding down them.

He could have really used some help learning how to get down them.

I recently watched a very cute puppy video in  It can be seen on and was entitled, “Older Dog Teaches Young Pup How To Walk Down Stairs: Adorable Video.”

In the video, a six month old puppy puppy named Simon helps teach a young foster puppy, Wilma, how to get down a long stairway.  It’s a cute puppy video.

I hope you enjoy this cute puppy video.  Let me know of other dog videos you want to share.  Thanks.


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