Cats and Grooming Tips – Cats Must be Groomed Frequently

Cats and Grooming Tips – To keep your cat healthy and happy, you must groom your cat frequently.

One important aspect of grooming is keeping the cat’s hair healthy and free of tangles and hairballs.  Cats clean themselves.  If they have hairballs, these will be swallowed, leading to possible intestinal issues. 

During the shedding season, dead hair is removed by your grooming so it doesn’t cause tangles and matting.

The grooming process gives you a good time to check out the cat’s ears and eyes.  Eyes can be observed for infection and excess tearing.

The cat’s ears can be cleaned by using cotton balls.  Q-tips can be effective but can be very dangerous if it enters the ear canal.  For that reason, I don’t recommend using them.

I read a recent article on cats and grooming.  It is entitled “Do You Know How To Groom Your Cat?”  I recommend that you read the entire article because the author has some very good tips.

Here is a quote:

Cats are naturally clean animals but it’s up to you the cat owner, to help them stay clean and groomed.  The process starts with a good brushing. Cats get hairballs in their fur and brushing prevents that from happening. If hairballs get in the fur they quickly get into the cat. They lick their fur and loose hairballs get into their mouths and they swallow them.

Hairballs can lead to intestinal problems if the cat can’t throw it Up). These blockages of the intestines can become life threatening and lead to costly vet bills..

Longhaired cats need to be combed and brushed every day. Yep, every day. A weekly regimen of combing and brushing will be adequate for shorthaired cats. As you brush, always check for problems like skin irritations and lumps in the coat.

I have found it’s best to start on the cat’s back and brush the loveable critter from head to the tail. Start on one side, brush a few times, then switch to the other side. Do this a few times and brush in the direction that his hair is growing.

But you say, ‘are you kidding me? My cat isn’t going to sit still for  a thorough brushing. Luck you’re reading this article-there’s an alternative. It’s called a grooming glove. If you’re used to petting your cat, he won’t mind the grooming glove at all. Even if you don’t pet your cat, he will welcome the attention. Cats naturally crave attention.

The entire article can be found here.

The author has suggestions on how to keep your cat calm during the grooming process.

Do you cat owners have suggestions on the topic of cats and grooming?  This is am important process so any comments are greatly appreciated.

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