Cat Health Issues – Is My Cat Overweight?

Cat Health Issues – Is My Cat Overweight?  You are doing you and your cat a favor if you monitor its weight. 

How do you determine if your cat is overweight?  You can take your cat to your veterinarian and let it be weighed there.  But you’re not going to be able to take your cat to the vet each week to be weighed.  That could get expensive and consume a lot of your time.

You can weigh your cat while you hold it while standing on some scales.  Then subtract your weight standing alone on the scales.

But this is still not telling you if your cat is overweight.  You can tell if your cat or dog is overweight by feeling its ribs.  If you cannot feel its ribs, this is not good, and your pet is probably overweight.

You should feel a thin layer of skin over the ribs.  If you do, then your cat is probably a good weight.  If you feel only ribs, your cat is too thin.  This measurement can be done anytime from the comfort of your home.

If your cat is overweight, then cut back on the amount of food you are feeding.  If you have more than one cat, feed them in different rooms.  Don’t let one cat to eat the other cats’ food.

Don’t let the cat graze by leaving its food out during the day.  Give your cat an adequate amount of time to eat and then put the leftovers away.  Your cat will soon learn that it must eat soon after the food is put out or the food will be gone.

Exercise is a problem for cats.  It’s not so much of a problem for dogs.  I walk with my dog every morning – generally 2-3 miles per day.  He is always eager to go, and we both get good exercise.

But a cat is a different story.  I don’t see any cat owners walking their cats on a leash.  The best exercise is probably using a ball of string to play with your cat.  But this takes your time.  It’s not like my walk with my dog, where I would go on my walk by myself if I didn’t have my dog.  How do you exercise your cat?

I read an article that discusses these cat health issues – is my cat overweight?  It’s called “One in three cats are overweight.”  Here is a quote from the article:

One in three cats is overweight – and one in 20 owners say if theirs was podgy they’d slim it down…by shutting it out all day.

Nearly eight in 10 owners reckon feline obesity is a growing problem – with many pets suffering joint problems due to their weight. Four in 10 cats diagnosed with arthritis were overweight, the survey for the Spot the Signs found.

Veterinary surgeon and specialist in cat medicine, Martha Cannon, said: “We know that fat cats are at much higher risk of other serious diseases like diabetes and urinary tract disease.”

The survey of 3,000 cat owners and almost 100 vets across the UK also revealed 43% would be embarrassed if their pet was fat – and 2% would pretend the animal belonged to someone else.

While seven in 10 claimed they put their cat on a diet if told to do so by the vet, only 21% would cut out all fatty treats if their pet was obese.

More than one in 10 owners said they would take their cat for walks to help it lose weight and 42% said they would play with their cat more to help it stay more active.

One in 20 said they would take the drastic action of shutting their cat out the house all day to help it shed the pounds. Ms Cannon said: “Sadly vets see a high proportion of cats that are overweight and once the weight has gone on it can be very difficult to get it off.

The complete article can be read here.

Have you ever asked the question, “Is my cat overweight?”  How do you maintain your cat’s weight?  Do you have suggestions on how to get your cat to lose weight?  These cat health issues must be resolved if you want a happy and healthy cat.

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