Cat Health Issues – Litter Box Problems

Cat Health Issues – If you are having a difficult time getting your cat to use its litter box, you must solve the problem. 

Of course, most cats have no problem doing their business properly in its litter box.  But if this is not working, there must be reason.  Your cat is not just trying to make you mad.

There are many reasons why a cat would have this problem.  These include medical issues, the location of the box in your house, it’s not clean enough for your cat, the type of litter box is not to the cat’s liking, and many other cat health issues.

I read an article on this exact problem entitled “Pets: Solving cat litter-box problems.”  It is written by Lindsay A. Wood.  Here is a quote from the article:

Litter-box aversion

Litter-box aversion may develop if your cat has experienced an unpleasant experience in the litter box. This could be the result of painful elimination in the box due to a health problem or a frightening experience such as a loud noise or altercation with another cat or a dog while using the box. If your cat has developed an aversion to the litter box, replace the entire box, place it in a new safe location and use a soft litter type.


One of the most important things to consider is the cleanliness.  Most litter-box issues can be solved with a few simple changes.  An increase in your scooping and cleaning of the litter box can make a world of difference to a cat experiencing problems using their box. Boxes should be scooped daily and fully cleaned every few days. Avoid heavy chemicals for cleaning; cats have an excellent sense of smell and the harsh scents may cause them to avoid the box.

Litter box size and style

The litter box should be large enough for your cat to comfortably move within and turn around. A good rule of thumb is to use a litter box that is 1 and 1/2 times the length of your cat. If your commercial litter box seems a bit small, consider using a large, shallow plastic bin instead to provide your kitty plenty of room. The style of your litter box may be an important consideration as well. While some cats seem to prefer the privacy of covered boxes, other cats tend to avoid covered boxes altogether.

The entire article can be read here.  Ms. Wood goes into a lot of detail in solving this problem. 

Have any of you had this problem?  This is a pretty nasty problem and must be frustrating.  Do you have any suggestions not mentioned in the article?

I wish you the very best.

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