Cat Food Nutrition – Foods Toxic to Cats

Cat Food Nutrition – Pet owners always face the temptation of feeding their little friends some table food.

I must admit that I am a dog owner.  I love cats but I’m very allergic to them.

But I certainly want what is best for all of the cat owners out there.

Many think they are doing their cats a favor by plopping down some left-over human food into their feeding bowl.  Cats generally don’t turn down your favor and eat it right down.

Some of the foods we give them are actually good for them.  On the other hand, other human food can be very unhealthy.  Some can be deadly to our pets.  We must absolutely know the difference. 

I have quoted a portion of an article below that lists those foods and ingredients that should never be fed to our cats.  The article is entitled, “Foods Toxic to Cats.”

The author writes from   There are many other excellent articles, available on this website, that discuss cat health and many other cat related issues.  If you are a cat lover, I highly recommend that you read some of those.

Here is the quote:

Cats have a reputation for being finicky, but some of them are willing to try anything. Cantaloupe, tomato sauce, and scrambled eggs are just a few feline favorites. It’s fun to give your cat a taste of what you’re eating, especially when he seems interested in it, but certain foods or ingredients can be toxic and even deadly. Here’s what to avoid when sharing a plate with your cat.

Grapes and raisins. You would think any kind of fruit would be healthy, but grapes and raisins have been known to cause kidney failure, primarily in dogs. The reason for the toxicity is unknown, as is the effect on cats, so it’s best not to experiment. If you know your cat has eaten grapes or raisins, veterinary toxicologists advise an immediate trip to the veterinarian.

Foods containing onions or garlic. Your cat may love your marinara sauce, but if it has lots of onion, garlic or other members of the Allium family, it should be off limits to him. Cats who eat onions or garlic can develop Heinz body anemia, which occurs when a substance in those foods destroys their red blood cells. If you are giving baby food to an old or sick cat, check the label for onion powder before giving it.

The entire article can be read here.  Like I said, this quote is only a portion of the article.  There are 6 other foods the author says to avoid that are not included in the quote.  Some of them may even surprise you.  I suggest you read the complete article.

Do you have any suggestions on foods to avoid for cats?  I personally don’t feel that any type of table food should be fed to our pets.  How important to you is cat food nutrition? What do you think?

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