By Adopting Rescue Dogs-You Will Adopt a Dog Save a Life

Adopting rescue dogs will allow you to adopt a dog save a life.

You will understand this better after you have seen some pictures from a puppy mill gone bad. 

In previous posts, I have encouraged people to adopt a rescue dog if they have a true love for dogs and want to help them.  As you probably know, my family adopted a rescue dog nine years ago.  He is one of the best dogs we have ever owned.

Adopting Rescue Dogs

Romeo and Scott

You can see Romeo in the picture to the right.  He is the cute one.

Romeo was just a few weeks old when we adopted him.  He was in fairly good shape so I certainly wasn’t much of a hero in adopting him.  But he was just days away from being put down.  That would be heart breaking.

I read a recent article in entitled, “Puppy Mill Dogs: Before-and-After Photos.”  The article was written by one of our favorite authors, Maria Goodavage.

She has discovered a puppy mill where the puppies were in very poor health.  They had been mostly neglected.

Fortunately several rescue groups had moved in to care for the dogs.  But many of the dogs would be scarred for life, both physically and emotionally.

By adopting rescue dogs, you will truly adopt a dog save a life.

Here is a brief quote from the article:

Until earlier this month, they lived their whole lives in cramped chicken-type coops in a backyard in Florida. Some died there. Then the the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department seized more than 250 small dogs who’d been surviving in wretched conditions in what was a former puppy mill. The dogs were horrendously matted, and some had open sores, heartworm, hookworm, or all of the above. All were infested with fleas. Many had serious health conditions.

“It was a horrible situation for them to be living in,” Lt. Scott Ortner, county animal services director, said in an article in the Herald Tribune.

Fortunately, many animal rescue groups, veterinarians, and boarding facilities have stepped up to help look after these poor pups for now. One of the most helpful is Florida Poodle Rescue.

The article continues below:

I got in touch with the people (or rather, angels, as you’ll soon see) at the rescue for more information about the conditions of the dogs. Joani Kautz Ellis, shelter liaison, told me the grim reality. The group took the worst cases, the ones most other groups wouldn’t touch. Other rescues worked with them to lend a helping hand.

The complete article can be read here.  By reading the entire article, you will see the deplorable conditions that existed at this puppy farm.  It will also show some of the before and after pictures of these puppies.  They did not deserve a life like this.

The article discusses rescued older dogs.  Please read the article to learn their story.  It’s a sad one.  If you really want to adopt a dog save a life, adopt an older dog.  Older dogs can bring several years of love and affection to your family.

Have you been involved in adopting rescue dogs?  I congratulate you for doing this.  I would love to hear your story.

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