Brown Dog Tick Removal

Brown dog tick removal

Brown dog tick is probably the most common tick throughout the world.  It is very prevalent in the United States.  All dog owners must understand the dangers of this type of tick and how to effectively remove it from our dogs. 

Ticks get on our dogs through several different sources.  One source is your own home or another person’s home that is infested with ticks.  It can get on our dogs in kennels that have not been properly cleaned.  It can also get on our dog in its outdoor activities.

Once the tick attaches to a dog, it spends only a few days sucking blood. The female tick is fertilized by a male while the female is still attached.  After its bloodmeal is complete, it falls off the dog.

The female tick then lays its eggs.  This can be as many as thousands of eggs.

If this happens in a house or a yard, it becomes a very serious problem.  It requires special treatment to rid the area of ticks.

The dog may require special treatment as well.  The tick may cause the dog to become lethargic and run a fever.  It may result in more serious problems.  In these cases, your dog should be taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

If your dog spends time outside, you must inspect it at least once per day.  If you find a tick, it must be removed as soon as possible.

It should be removed with tweezers.  The tweezers should be placed where the tick has entered the dog’s skin.  The tick should be pulled straight out.  It’s important not to squeeze the tick since that could result in bacteria from the tick entering the dog.

If part of the tick remains on the dog’s skin, go through the same procedure noted in the paragraph above.

Monitor the dog’s skin for a few days to make sure it doesn’t become irritated.

I watched a video on brown dog tick removal.  It is entitled, “Talking about Ticks” by Dr. Sarah.

It is definitely worth watching.  This short video demonstrates how to inspect your dog for ticks.  It shows where most ticks are found on the dog and how to remove the brown dog tick effectively.

Here is the video:

You can see the video on the web here.

As I said before, make sure you watch the video.  As you know, ticks on our dogs should be taken very seriously.

Have you ever been confronted with brown dog tick removal?  How did that work for you?  Do you have any suggestions we might find beneficial?  Thanks for your input.

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