Beagles Used for Testing – This is Sickening

Beagles used for testing

You have probably heard of the federal testing on beagles.  These poor little guys spend most of their lives in cages.

The tests that I am aware of can be outrageous.  One involves hooking up dogs to a machine that replicates a chain smoker.  Our sweet little dogs don’t deserve this. 

In some cases, puppy’s vocal chords are removed so that the lab technicians are not bothered by the beagles’ barking and howling.

It gets even worse.  Some companies ship beagle body parts to other companies for research purposes.  Of course, to do this, the Beagle has to be killed.  Disgusting!!!

One such company is Bioreclamation.  There are apparently others.

I have read several articles on the topic of testing on beagles.  A good one is found in the excellent blog,  It is entitled, “Stop Killing Snoopy – The Slaughter of Beagles in America.”  The author of the article is Ralph.

There is an outstanding video near the end of the article.  It is a heart warming story about nine rescued beagles from a lab.  They had never seen the sun.  They had never walked on grass.  In fact, they were afraid to leave their cages since that was the only home they had ever known.

Here is a quote from the article:

Researchers like to use beagles for research for the same reason people like to have them as family pets: they are friendly, trusting, docile, and eager to please. I’m not a beagle, but I’m kinda the same way.

Imagine what kinds of monsters are keeping hundreds of beagles in cages all their lives to test things like mascara on them!

I found pictures of restrained beagles forced to chain-smoke cigarettes through face masks.

At the University of Pennsylvania, beagles were bred specifically to have a certain eye disease that makes them go blind. These 3-week old puppies had their eyes cut out and dissected and then they were killed. If that wasn’t bad enough, when the results of the research weren’t what the fellow had hoped for, he lied about them. All those puppies died for nothing. That made me sick.

Sometimes they take out the dogs’ vocal chords so their barks and cries don’t disturb the lab technicians.

More than 75,000 dogs are used for research each year in the United States alone.

And it’s legal. Can you believe it?

In fact, animal research is not only legal and protected by the federal government, but it’s required! Reputable animal research facilities work with the USDA and have to follow strict policies.

The entire article can be read here.  It is a very good article so I encourage you to read it.

What is your opinion regarding these Beagles used for testing?  I would love to see it stopped.  But as the quote from article indicates, this testing is legal.

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