Arthritis Supplements for Dogs–Are Prescription Drugs Better?

Arthritis Supplements for Dogs – When your dog is suffering arthritis and joint pain, it is best to take your furry friend to the veterinarian.  Your vet can determine the cause of the pain.

But too many times, your vet will prescribe a prescription drug to relieve your dog’s pain. I am concerned about the potential side effects that can result from taking prescription drugs. So drugs are not the only thing I am looking for. 

I am looking for arthritis supplements for dogs that will actually improve joint health in addition to relieving the joint pain.  I am looking for a holistic formula that benefits the health of the entire body.  I want a supplement that provides glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid that are critical in improving joint health in our dogs.

I read an article that discusses arthritis supplements for dogs vs. the potential side effects of prescription drugs.  It is entitled “Are Supplements a Wiser Choice for Treating Pet Arthritis Than Prescription Drugs?”  It is posted by Steve Weber.

Here is a quote:

When you suspect your family dog may be showing signs of developing osteoarthritis, it’s very important to take him or her to the veterinarian for a complete and thorough diagnosis. The doctor can determine whether or not the condition is a simple strain or sprain, or if in fact the joint disease is present in your pet.

Since there are no cures for dog arthritis pet owners must rely on products and practices that will ease the pain and suffering the disease causes. Unfortunately, one of the first things many veterinarians suggest are prescription medications to treat the arthritic symptoms. The use of these prescribed drugs often result in almost immediate relief from the pain the disease is causing. On the other hand, there have been countless reports of side effects from these drugs.

Many of the drugs in fact cause significant and life-threatening conditions in the canine suffering from dog arthritis. Unfortunately, some of these side effects lead to the death of the animal. Too many canines have died as the result of taking these prescribed drugs which were supposed to offer pain relief from the disease.

Hopefully, the veterinarian you take your pet to will suggest first using all-natural supplement products, such as liquid glucosamine, which have virtually no side effects and have been shown to be highly effective in treating joint arthritis in canines. Although they do not offer immediate relief from the pain as do the prescription medications, they do offer the body the necessary building blocks to repair and replace the damaged cartilage tissue within the joints.

You can read the entire article here.

I would really like to hear your comments about arthritis supplements for dogs.  I know your are like me.  We don’t want our pets to suffer from joint pain.  One of my dogs had joint problems about 3 years ago.  Thanks to one of the best glucosamine supplements for dogs, she no longer has any problems with her joints.  Thanks for your input.


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