Are There Dog Cone Alternatives?

Dog cone alternatives

I’m sure you know what I am talking about.  If you are a dog owner, you have probably needed to have one of those hard, plastic cones placed around your dog’s neck.

I must say that these cones are very effective.  They are used to prevent the dog from interfering with a wound, an injury, or a surgical procedure.

But these cones completely humiliate our dogs.  You can tell by just looking at the dog’s face.

I have one of these cones a couple of times on my dog.  He had a very sad look on his face.  He looked pathetic.

It was actually pretty funny to watch him.  He kept running into furniture and walls.  When he went outside, his head would come down too low causing the cone to hit the ground.  My poor little dog would almost flip over.

Veterinarians have recommended this type of cone for many years.  But are there dog cone alternatives?

I read an article recently in  It was entitled, “5 Alternatives to the Cone of Shame.”  The author, Pamela Mitchell, sought some improved substitute for the hard, plastic cone.  She found five.

Here is a quote:

After putting on the standard vet-supplied hard plastic cone, I endured her look of misery for about 10 seconds before taking it off and looking for alternatives. Here are five that I found.

1. ProCollar Premium Protective Collar

Inflatable collars such as this one do not extend beyond your pet’s nose as the correct-size cone will, but they do limit neck movement for equally effective results in specific situations. I purchased this collar for Dolly only after ensuring she could not reach her radiation site while wearing it. If the area that needs to heal had been on a front leg, it would not have done the job. Dolly models the ProCollar.

The collar took just seconds to blow up, and the sturdy blue canvas surrounding the inflatable tube looks able to withstand any scratching she might attempt out of my sight. It fits over her regular collar and she tolerates it well enough (read: the look of misery quickly turned to annoyed acceptance). The collar comes in sizes extra-small to extra-large.

2. Kong EZ Soft Collar

With its pliable fabric and adjustable drawstring, this cone certainly offers more comfort than those made from hard plastic. It also won’t scuff furniture, floors, and walls like the plastic ones can.

The scrubs-green cone comes in a limited rage of extra-small to small, though, making it an option for only little dogs and cats.

3. All Four Paws Comfy Cone

This cone features nylon fabric over half-inch-thick foam, creating a comfy resting place for your pet’s head. It also folds back easily so you don’t have to take it off for meals.

Like the Kong soft cone, it won’t mark up your house and will conform to your pet’s position. It also has reflective stripes to make nighttime walks safer. It features elastic loops to slip your pet’s collar through, keeping it securely in place. The cone comes in black and tan and in sizes small to extra-large.

The complete article can be found here.  She shows 2 other suggestions for dog cone alternatives.  She shows pictures that best describe each suggestion.

Have you ever looked for dog cone alternatives?  Ms. Mitchell’s last suggestion seems to have the most merit.  There must be a better dog cone alternative to the traditional one recommended by our veterinarians.

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