Another Incident of Dog Food Poisoning

Another incident in dog food poisoning has occurred.  In this case, a beautiful, healthy dog ate Beneful Healthy Weight food and died shortly afterwards.

In the aftermath of the dog’s death, the dog food vendor showed little compassion in dealing with the owner of the dog.  The vendor representative offered a small amount of money as repayment.

The owner requested that the dog food be removed from shelves until the investigation of the food was complete.  The Purina representative obviously refused.

The story was reported by Susan Thixton in an article entitled, “How They Act when the Worst Happens.”   She discusses this incident of dog food poisoning and what the dog food vendor does about it.

Here is a quote:

Georgia had been eating Beneful Healthy Weight for the past 2 1/2 years.  Within 30 minutes after a serving from a brand new bag of Beneful, Georgia began to vomit and lost control of her bowels.  Five minutes later she laid down and died.

Georgia was buried that evening.  Caroline couldn’t sleep.  In replaying the events of this horrible evening in her head – “a brand new bag” of dog food kept replaying in her head.  In the early hours of the next morning, Caroline did an Internet search of the phrase “dog dies after eating Beneful” – the next nightmare begins.

Caroline quickly learned of many similar reports of pet death and illness linked to Beneful Pet Food on Consumer Affairs website.  She also found  I suggested she report Georgia’s death to FDA, her State Department of Agriculture, and to Beneful (Purina).

Within a couple of hours of reporting to her Dept of Agriculture, investigators were on the road (four hour trip each way) to collect a sample of the dog food.  They also purchased a new bag, same lot, from the same Walmart the food was purchased from.  Test results are pending.

The entire article can be read here.  I encourage you to read the entire article.

I agree with Susan Thixton.  The only answer to the many deaths of our dogs is prevention.  There must also be transparency by dog food vendors.  There must be transparency in the ingredients in the food, transparency in the quality control procedures during the production process, and transparency related to the country of origin of every one of the food’s ingredients.

Again I recommend that you feed only high quality dog food that you can trust to be safe.  Do you have any experience with dog food poisoning?  It must be a terrible thing to go through.  Thanks for your comments.

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