Adopt a Puppy from a Shelter or Other Sources-A Big Decision

Adopt a Puppy from a Shelter or Other Sources.  This is a big decision that faces many families this Christmas.  There are many places to find a new puppy.  

One of the first places to consider is from a reputable breeder.  Most breeders provide excellent puppies.  Many of the puppies are very well socialized.  Most breeders I talk to allow the puppies to live with them in their home.  As a result, they get along well with other dogs and people.

You can also find a puppy from a casual breeder.  These breeders don’t breed dog for a living.  So the quality of the puppy will probably be less that of a professional breeder.  In most cases, little attention has been given to the quality of the sire and dam of the puppy.

Another possibility is to buy a puppy from a pet store.  I don’t recommend this approach.  Many of these puppies come from puppy farms.  There are some exceptions.

The puppies in the store are certainly cute.  But they may very likely suffer from health problems as they get older.

There are a few pet store owners who are very well meaning.  They may provide a quality puppy.  But I would be very careful if you go this route.

Two other alternatives for selecting a puppy are to adopt one from a shelter or rescue center.  The cost of the puppy is much less when you adopt a puppy in this way.

These puppies have been checked out by a veterinarian and have been given all required shots.

Most of these puppies are mixed breeds.  Because of the economy and natural disasters, you may find purebred puppies available.

I must interject a comment here.  Those who read my blog posts know what is coming.  My two dogs today are mixed breeds.  My oldest dog (living with my son in Dallas) was found in a box alongside the road with her brothers and sisters.  We found a home for all of her siblings.  Princess is a very healthy and happy 10 year old dog (part German shepherd).  The vet says she is the healthiest 10 year old dog she has ever seen.

The dog we have at home is Romeo, an 8 year old mix (part Spitz and part Corgi).  He was adopted from a dog shelter.

Both of our dogs are the most affectionate we have ever owned.

So I highly recommend that you adopt a puppy from a shelter.

After you bring a new puppy into your home, make sure you give the very best care.  Feed nutritious, healthy dog food, treats, and supplements.

I read an article entitled “Ask the Dog Trainer: Where to get a pet?”  Here is a quote:

If you are determined to get a puppy for the holidays, please consider your choices.

There are many places to find puppies. Professional breeders, casual breeders, pet stores and rescues are the most likely sources for finding a new pet.

Professional breeders have specific features they look for in their chosen breed. Most expert breeders show their dogs in confirmation ring. Puppies that do not meet the breed standard are sold as pet quality dogs. A spay or neuter contract may be a requirement of purchasing such a pup.

The entire article can be read here.

The article goes into detail regarding where you can adopt a puppy.

Have you ever been confronted with the decision to adopt a puppy from a shelter or some other place?  How did that work out?

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