A Lost and Found Puppy – A Story with a Happy Ending

A story of a lost and found puppy

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.  The story involves a truck driver and a very cute 9 month old Yorkie. 

The trucker had driven 170 miles when he realized that his little companion was not with him in the truck.  Since he could not turn around the truck because it would probably result in the loss of his job, it was apparently a couple of weeks before they were able to reunite.

I read the story in a post in the Dogster.com blog.  It is entitled, “A Trucker and His Lost Pup Are Reunited in Missouri” by Anneli Rufus.

Here is a quote from the article:

Arkansas-based truck driver Michael Siau was driving through Missouri when he stopped at a rest area. After stretching his legs and visiting the restroom, he returned to his vehicle.

“Didn’t even cross my mind that [the dog] might jump out; he never has before,” Siau told the Hannibal Courier-Post. “I jumped back in the truck, put it in gear, and drove off. And I just thought he was in the back asleep.”

But he wasn’t. Rambo had followed Siau out of the truck — probably to perform his own version of visiting the restroom — and had not yet returned when Siau unwittingly drove off without him.

Ms. Rufus continues the article:

“He couldn’t turn the company truck he was driving around; his time would have been thrown off and he would’ve lost his job. The thought of not seeing Rambo again was devastating,” the Courier-Post reports.

Siau isn’t a mean guy. Last fall, he took several months off work to deal with his grief after Rambo’s father, Ollie, was struck by a car and killed. Following in his father’s pawprints, Rambo became Siau’s new companion on road trips.

Upon realizing his error, “I was freaking out. I had to calm down and think about how he could have possibly gotten out. And it came to me that [the rest stop] was the only time that I could have got out and I wouldn’t have seen him. I was just sure he was there,” Siau told the Courier-Post.

The entire article can be found here.

Ms. Rufus seems fairly critical of Mr. Siau for his actions in the lost and found puppy story.  And maybe she should be.

But to me, it seems that the trucker made an honest mistake.  I’m sure he will never make that mistake again.

Do you have any lost and found puppy stories?  It’s good to hear one with a happy ending.  Most of the ones I have heard have been tragic.

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